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Middletown - the Blue Ridge, VA (near Winchester): A large, secluded, private space situated among views of the Blue Ridge and Signal Knob in the fabled Shenandoah Valley - as in photo to left. Exact address will be provided with enrolment confirmation. 1.5 - 2 hrs from downtown Washington D.C.

Portrait of programme director

Programme Director, Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan (PhD, BCPP, RPP, RPE), originated from Australia and has been based in the fabled Shenandoah Valley of Virginia since 1998. She maintains a bi-location practice in the USA, near Winchester and in Charlottesville, and a bi-national training schedule in the USA and Australia.


Ranna undertook her training in Polarity Therapy and Visionary Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Maryland, alUSA, l undertaken in-person. She also holds several Australian qualifications including a cross-disciplinary PhD and has lived and/or worked in Japan, India, Thailand and other parts of Asia. Her therapeutic work and teaching is influenced by insights gained there.

Although Ranna has extensive teaching and pedagogical experience in Australia, Asia, and the USA, there will be no inflated claims about her ability, just good ol' Aussie common sense and keen perceptiveness in teaching the subtleties and protocols of the therapeutic methods, all rolled into a great learning experience. Teachers invited to assist facilitating learning through the Institute are equally dedicated to assisting others.

Trainees from other countries will also find themselves receptive to Ranna's style: Her extensive experience living, researching, and teaching in Australia, Asia and the USA, has given her insights that equip her to train people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Courses in the USA are taught in modules of 2 days each, every alternate weekend except where otherwise arranged.

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