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Polarity Therapy Explained

Courses & Qualifications

Intro Achievement Award (for attendance at Intro workshop).

Diploma (foundation professional qualification)

Advanced Diploma (advanced professional qualification)


Taught by Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan (PhD, BCPP, RPP, RPE), an Australian-American who is a USA Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and Registered Polarity Therapy Educator.

"The object of Polarity Therapy is the removal of energy blocks which are the cause of real pain in the overall sweep of wireless currents in the vital energy fields of the body." Dr Randolph Stone D.O., D.C., N.D. - developer of Polarity Therapy.

Becoming a Polarity Therapy Practitioner gives you the tools to
assist others address their health and life issues.

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Polarity therapy session

Polarity Therapy - Babbit's Atom Polarity Therapy Explained

Is it Massage? No. Is it Reiki or Reflexology? No. Is it Shiatsu or Jin Shin Jyutsu? No. Acupuncture or TCM? No. Homeopathy? No. Chiropractic or Osteopathy? No. Though you will see some useful strands of most of these woven through Polarity Therapy, it is different from any one of these modalities. Is it Morris Bradley's Polarization work? Again, no. Is it psychic healing or faith healing? No. Definitely not. Is it a spiritual path? Again, no, definitely not.

Polarity Therapy IS an extensive system of integrative, non-invasive "energy medicine" that was developed by Dr Randolph Stone during more than 60 years of clinical practice. It aims to restore healthy energy flow in both the human energy field and the energy currents of the body, thereby bringing the body's systems into balance and towards health.

Polarity Practitioners approach their work with a thorough grasp of the mind-body connection, using specific techniques to assist their client's own energy and resources to mobilize towards health. The Polarity Therapist's work involves (i) two handed contacts on the body to connect with or restore their client's energy flows, (ii) client self awareness, (iii) therapeutic movement, and (iv) energy based dietary considerations, in varying ratios depending on the nature of a client's ailment. Polarity Therapy has specialized protocols for specific ailments and Polarity Practitioners use these to help their clients. While many Polarity Therapists have, or develop, keen intuitive skills, they don't use their own energy, psychism, channeling or entities to "heal" their clients. It isn't necessary: they use their training, knowledge, insight, and the extensive repertoire of Polarity protocols to assist their clients to wellness, empowering each client in his or her own process.

To achieve this, Polarity Therapy integrates Western knowledge of human anatomy and the human nervous system with several branches of Asian traditional medicine. With strong underpinnings from Ayurvedic medicine from India, Polarity Therapy also encompasses knowledge from Dr Stone's clinical experience as a Chiropractor, Osteopath and Naturopath, and it incorporates influences from Chinese medicine, to name a few. The Polarity Therapy method is a comprehensive and sophisticated hybrid, yet it is also an inspired, light and subtle therapeutic method that is remarkably effective. With a track record of almost 80 years in assisting people with many dis-ease conditions, it is both the "oldest" contemporary energy wellness method and perhaps the most complete.

In the USA, Polarity Therapy is moving steadily towards formal recognition as an identifiable therapeutic profession in its own right.

In Australia, Polarity Therapy has had a more sporadic development, but that is changing. Read more: The Development of Polarity Therapy in Australia

For more information about Polarity Therapy TRAINING IN AUSTRALIA, also go to

("Polarity Therapy Explained" by Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan (PhD, BCPP, RPP, RPE) ©2010. All rights reserved.)

Polarity Therapy - Babbit's Atom Training to become a Polarity Therapy Practitioner through Energy Therapies Institute encompasses the four pillars of Polarity Therapy:

Polarity Therapy - Babbit's Atom Qualifications

ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS, CERTIFICATES, AND DIPLOMAS may be earned, as indicated below, upon successful completion of the relevant series of learning modules.

Intro Achievement Certificate for New Paradigms - intro to Polarity Therapy and Polarity Yoga is a 2 day combined introduction to Polarity Therapy and Energy Movement methods, open to anyone who wishes to participate. Achievement Awards are provided in recognition of participation only and although this module might enhance one's work in other modalities, the Achievement Award does not qualify the recipient to work as a Polarity Therapy Practitioner or an Energy Movement Practitioner.

Material Covered:
  • A brief history of Polarity Therapy.
  • An overview of some core principles of chakra-based and energy-based therapeutic approaches, emphasizing the Ayurvedic principles that underpin Polarity Therapy and Aumgenic™ Movement - the Ranna® Yoga™ method.
  • Introduction to the human energy field and the energy systems of the human body.
  • Beginning some energy-sensing Polarity techniques.
  • Learning some basic 5-element Polarity principles and protocols.
  • Practice some hands-on Polarity Therapy protocols in pairs.
  • Learning some basic 5 element related movements and Cranio-Sacral rhythms in Therapeutic Movement.
  • Practice some Aumgenic™ Movement - the Ranna® Yoga™ method (theory and practice), to give participants exposure to working as an Aumgenic™ Movement Practitioner.
  • Related self-awareness and dietary principles to support the techniques learned in both modalites.
  • Some simple self-healing and self-care techniques.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a COMBINED INTRO to give participants an overview both of Polarity Therapy and of Energy Movement so that they can choose their direction upon completion of the Intro. This Intro is credited towards the Full Certificate Training in Polarity Therapy.

Fees: Depends on number of days. Contact a us for a current info pack. (Please note that this training is not offered in some years.)

Diploma of Polarity Therapy Practice - DPTP: 178 hours. This level covers the essential basics in knowledge and skills to begin professional practice with clients, as a Polarity Therapist. It also establishes the basis to continue on to the Diploma of Polarity Therapy.
  • USA: 2-4 day modules spread across 12 months (approx).
  • AUSTRALIA: 2- 4 day modules spread across 15 months (approx).
  • Pre-Requisites: All that you need is a liking for people, a wish to help others, and an open-ness to alternative and energy-based therapies.
  • Locations: Middletown in the Winchester area, VA, USA, and the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.
  • Fees: Contact us to request a student info pack in which current fees are listed.

Professional Polarity Therapy Practitioner - PPTP: 685 hours equivalent. Advanced learning for more effective work with clients, this level of training fosters a deeper knowledge and skill base appropriate for those intending to deepen their therapeutic skills and build a Polarity Therapy practice. This training level is also the basis from which ultimately to progress to further training to become a Polarity Therapy Educator.
  • USA: 2 day modules. 68 Modules spread across 3 years (approx).
  • AUSTRALIA: 4 day modules, 34 modules spread across 3 years (approx).
  • Pre-Requisites: Completion of DPT or similar associate level training in Polarity Therapy elsewhere - e.g. APP. Contact Energy Therapies Institute for assessment of prior Polarity Therapy learning.
  • Locations: Middletown in the Winchester area, VA, USA, and the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.
  • Fees: Contact us to request a student info pack in which current fees are listed.

Consulting Polarity Therapy Practitioner - CPTP: 815 hours equivalent. Post graduate professional training while also maintaining an independent practice.

Polarity Therapy - Babbit's Atom Transfer of Prior Learning

If you wish to transfer credit to either of the Diploma programs for other Polarity Therapy training completed elsewhere, please contact Energy Therapies Institute for assessment of your prior studies. If you are currently undertaking training with another Polarity Therapy school, transfer is neither automatic nor guaranteed. Important note: Due to the comprehensiveness and difference in the Polarity paradigm, credit for prior learning in other modalities isn't offered.

Polarity Therapy - Babbit's Atom Standards & Professional Memberships

On completion of their training, graduates will be eligible to apply to the International Institute of Complementary Therapists for professional registration. This organization is able to provide access to student insurance and professional practitioner insurance. It is increasingly available in many countries.

The Australian branch of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists also provides membership listings, to help your work be found by people searching for health assistance.


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