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SPRINGWOOD - LAWSON AREA. 1.5 hrs from Sydney in The Blue Mountains, a stunningly beautiful and primeval location, with a deeply Australian pulse, near the fabled Three Sisters (illustrated left). Specific training venue is advised each year.

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Programme Director:
The Institute's PROGRAMME DIRECTOR, Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan (PhD, BCPP, RPP, RPE), is an Aussie through and through. She is a child of the Australian soil and her feet are firmly rooted there. Aussies training with Ranna at the helm will quickly realize that in the best possible sense, "it takes one to know one". You will be understood as AUSTRALIANS: Ranna remains at one with our unique, practical, down to earth, get-to-the-point, Aussie style. This guides her teaching and selection of teachers.


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As for many from the Australian diaspora across the world, the pull of the land and family ties bring Ranna home to NSW and Queensland several times a year, even though she now lives in the USA. Although Ranna completed her training in Polarity Therapy and Visionary Cranio-Sacral Therapy in the USA - all undertaken in-person with her teachers, she already had several Australian qualifications under her belt.

Her Australian origins are never far from her approach to life, her work, and her teaching.

In contrast to some trainers self indulgent in claims to being a "Master Teacher", Ranna's approach is governed by good ol' Aussie common sense in teaching the subtleties and protocols of the therapeutic methods, all rolled into a great learning experience.

Trainees from other countries will also find themselves receptive to Ranna's style: She has extensive experience living, researching, and teaching in Asia, Australia, and the USA, and has travelled widely, gaining insights that equip her to train people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Her PhD was a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural study.

Courses in Australia are taught in modules of 2 - 4 days each.


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